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ITI 2007 closed on Thursday, June 28
- 164 participants from 22 countries attended ITI in Cavtat this year.

ITI 2007 Best Student Paper Award Winners are:
Krešimir Zauder, Croatia,
Bojan Blažona, Croatia.
More Information about Student Paper Competition.

Conference Secretariat - ITI 2007
SRCE - University Computing Centre
University of Zagreb
J. Marohnica 5
HR-10000 Zagreb, CROATIA
Phone: +385 1 616 55 95
Fax: +385 1 616 55 91

Instructions for Authors

General Specifications

Invited Papers /Contributed Papers /Student Papers /Poster Abstracts (“contributions”) should be written in English.

Conference contributions will be reviewed by two independent referees.

At least one author of each accepted contribution is required to register.


DO NOT use password protection in submitted contributions.

Make sure not to include headers and footers in your contribution. Especially, make sure it is not page numbered. Correct headers and footers will be inserted during the printing process.

DO NOT USE national characters or two-byte characters within the title, abstract, nor in the author information subtitles of your contribution (to facilitate indexing and searching using international character set).

The proceedings will be reviewed and printed in BLACK AND WHITE only. However, all participants will also receive a CD-ROM, so it is acceptable to use color in your contributions. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your contribution is still readable in black and white, as the proceedings will form the primary record of the conference in libraries, etc.

Preparation of the Contributions

Invited paper may exceed six (6) printed (A4) pages, including Abstract, Keywords and References.

Contributed Paper /Student paper should NOT exceed six (6) printed (A4) pages, including Abstract, Keywords and References.

Poster abstract should not exceed two (2) printed (A4) pages, including only an extended Abstract, Keywords and References.


Camera-ready contribution should be prepared according to Instructions to authors that are available here in a raw text file (instruct.txt), a Word file (instruct.doc), a PDF file (instruct.pdf), a Postscript file (, and a LaTeX file (instruct.TEX). Instructions are derived from those provided by the IEEE Computer Society Press (with their permission). Files instruct.doc, instruct.pdf, and serve also as samples of the requested paper layout.

All accepted papers will be included in IEEE Xplore database , one of the most comprehensive interdisciplinary engineering databases in the world. Since the papers will be archived in the IEEE Xplore® System, your file should comply with the IEEE rules.

IEEE is very strict about the requirements for converting application files or PostScript files to full-text PDF. ALL ITI AUTHORS should follow the instructions in "IEEE PDF File Preparation Guide for IEEE Xplore" that describes the essential steps in distilling PDFs that meet the IEEE requirements.

IEEE PDF eXpress is a free, online service that allow conference authors to either convert their documents into compatible PDFs or to submit their own PDFs for compatibility testing. In order to prepare your PDF for ITI 2007 submission, follow the instructions for Using IEEE's PDF eXpress.

Conference contribution should be submitted (within the deadlines) both electronically and as hard-copy.

  • Electronic submission should consist of only one .ZIP file and should contain the following documents:
    - Contribution in Rich Text Format, Microsoft Word or LaTex format.
    - Contribution converted to PDF or Postscript (.ps) format; we strongly encourage you to use PDF format which MUST adhere to the PDF specifications as instructed in 
    Using IEEE's PDF eXpress  (given above).
  • Hard copy of the full paper, identical to the electronic version and printed on a laser printer, should be sent to the ITI Conference secretariat.


Conference Publications

The Proceedings (book: ISSN 1330-1012, ISBN 978-953-7138-09-7, IEEE Catalog Number 07EX1589) contain invited papers and accepted papers.

Poster Abstract booklet (ISBN 953-7138-11-9) contains accepted poster abstracts.

CD-ROM (ISSN 1134-2762, ISBN 978-953-7138-10-3, IEEE Catalog Number 07EX1589C) contains all accepted contributions.

Conference publications will be distributed to the registered participants during the Conference.

The Proceedings are abstracted in the INSPEC database.

Proceedings (IEEE Cat.No. 07EX1589) and CD-ROM (IEEE Cat.No. 07EX1589) are included in the IEEE Conference Publication Program.

The best papers presented at the Conference will be considered for publishing in the following international journals:

  • Mathematics and Computers in Simulation (IMACS Journal),
  • CIT - Journal of Computing and Information Technology, and INFORMATICA.