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ITI 2008 Preliminary Call for Papers

ITI 2007 closed on Thursday, June 28
- 164 participants from 22 countries attended ITI in Cavtat this year.

ITI 2007 Best Student Paper Award Winners are:
Krešimir Zauder, Croatia,
Bojan Blažona, Croatia.
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Conference Secretariat - ITI 2007
SRCE - University Computing Centre
University of Zagreb
J. Marohnica 5
HR-10000 Zagreb, CROATIA
Phone: +385 1 616 55 95
Fax: +385 1 616 55 91

Topics of Interest

(in alphabetic order)

  • Special Session: Knowledge Discovery in Education,
    Government, Industry and Business

Vice Chair: Blaž Župan

  • Computing in Business and Finance

Vice Chair: Ivan Futo

  • Databases, Data Warehousing and Information Systems

Vice Chair: Mladen Varga

  • Data Mining, Statistics and Biometrics

Vice Chair: Vesna Lužar- Stiffler

  • Human Computer Interaction

Vice Chair: Jasna Kuljis

  • ICT in Education

Vice Chair: Leo Budin

  • Information Society

Vice Chair: Diana Šimić

  • Intelligent and Multi-Agent Systems

Vice Chair: Bojana Dalbelo-Bašić

  • Knowledge Management and E-Commerce

Vice Chair: T. Ramayah

  • Language Technologies

Vice Chair: Dunja Mladenić

  • Modeling, Simulation and Optimization

Vice Chair: Želimir Kurtanjek

  • Networking, Grids, Middleware and Distributed Platforms

Vice Chair: George Nezlek

  • Theory of Computing and Computing Methodologies

Vice Chair: Robert Manger