Paste years

Period 1974 - 1990

  • The first Conference was organized in 1974 in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, under the name "Computer at the University".
  • Since 1980 the Conference was held annualy in the little town of Cavtat near Dubrovnik.
  • Conference was sponsored by ETAN Association, and was held under the auspices of JAZU-Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts (nowdays HAZU-Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts).
  • Croatian and English were the official languages and simultaneous translations were provided during the presentations.
  • Members of the International Program Committee moderated the scope of the Conference and took care of reviewing the papers.
  • During this period the Conference kept its international character owing to foreign co-sponsors and co-operating institutions, program committee members, referees and contributors.

Period 1991 - now

  • This period started with many changes:
  • In 1991 a general referendum was held in Croatia, with more than three quarters of voters opting for Croatian independence from Yugoslavia. The Republic of Croatia was established as an independent country and was recognized as such worldwide.
  • As a consequence, in 1991 the Yugoslav army started a war against Croatia and occupied a part of Croatia, including Cavtat. To keep the Conference going on it was decided to move the Conference site from Cavtat to Pula starting with year 1992.
  • In 1991 the Conference also changed its name to Information Technology Interfaces ITI .
  • In 1991, the International Association IMACS accepted sponsorship of the Conference, in addition to the auspices of HAZU-Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and MZTI-Ministry of Science, Technology and Informatics.
  • In 1991 English was declared as the only official Conference language in order to make the reviewing process completely international.
  • In 1991 SRCE-University Computing Centre gained access to EARN/BITNET as well as other networks, and started using them for communication with participants and referees. For the first time an electronic version of the ITI '91 Call for Papers was distributed worldwide.
  • Since 1992 the Conference Proceedings is abstracted in INSPEC database. Other databases and library services followed.
  • During this period the Conference announcement has been published in many journals with information stored in several international conference databases.

Conference Names

  • Computer at the University (1974 - 1990)
  • Information Technology Interfaces (1991 - now)

Conference Proceeding

ISSN 1330-1012

ISBN 953-96769-n-n

IEEE Catalog Number NNEXnnn

The Conference proceedings is published by SRCE - University Computing Centre, University of Zagreb, Croatia.

The Proceedings consists of invited papers, and contributed papers accepted by two independent international referees. Proceedings is distributed to the participants at the Conference, and is sent to Croatian and foreign libraries and databases for the purpose of abstracting and indexing.

In 1993, ITI Proceedings was identified by Croatian ISDS Center by ISSN number 1330-1012.

Since 2000, Conference Proceedings also has a unique ISBN number 953-96769-n-n, where first two parts identify the publisher, and numbers n-n change for each years proceedings.

Since 2000, ITI Proceedings was included in the IEEE Book Broker Program (e-mail: for post-conference sales, under IEEE Catalog Number NNEXnnn, where numbers NN and nnn change every year.

Since 2002, ITI proceedings was published both as a book and on CD-ROM.

Abstracting / Indexing / Libraries and Library Services

During the past years, the Proceedings has been sent to several libraries and included in international databases and library services for the purpose of abstracting and indexing.

Selected Papers

Selected papers from Conference proceedings are considered for publishing in the special issues of the following international journals:

  • IMACS Journal Mathematics and Computers in Simulation,
  • CIT - Journal of Computing and Information Technology.

Conference Announcement


During past years the ITI Conference announcement has been posted to the news group news.announce.conferences and stored in several databases:


During past years the ITI Conference has been announced in many international journals:
  • AMSTAT News,
  • Communications of the ACM,
  • CIT - Journal of Computing and Information Technology,
  • EUROSIM - Simulation News Europe,
  • IMACS publications,
  • ISI Newsletter,
  • Information and Software Technology,
  • The Macmillan Press Ltd journals, etc.

Conference Sites

  • Zagreb, (1974, "Elektroprivreda" Institute)
  • Cavtat, (1980-1983; 1985-1991, "Croatia" hotel)
  • Dubrovnik, (1984, "Libertas" hotel)
  • Pula, (1992-2001, "Histria" hotel)
  • Cavtat, (2002-now, "Croatia" hotel)


The second conference was organized in 1980, i.e 6 years after the first one, in a small Adriatic town of Cavtat near Dubrovnik.

From 1980-1991, with the exception of 1984, Cavtat was our charming host.

While in Cavtat, the conference used to take place in "Croatia" hotel, one of probably the most beautiful hotels on the Adriatic coast. We are happy that ITI has returned to Cavtat in 2002.

Cavtat, ancient Greek Epidaurum, is a small town 18 km away from Dubrovnik, and only 6 km away from Dubrovnik International Airport. With its rich and interesting past and natural beauty, full of sun and mediterranean vegetation, and with unique golden sunsets, this town can be easily compared to Dubrovnik. It is also a famous tourist centre. In the area of Cavtat are the remains originating from various cultures, and the city itself has been several times raised anew from its ruins. In 15th century it became a part of the Republic of Dubrovnik. On nearby Rat, long ago was a Greek acropolis. Cultural inheritance is kept in Rector's Palace, the Baroque church of St. Nikola, Bogisic's scientific collection, Vlaho Bukovac Art Gallery, Racic Mausoleum designed by the famous Croatian sculptor Mestrovic, Sipun cave etc.

According to legends and chronicles, refugees from Epidaurum (today's Cavtat), escaping from invasion of Avars and Slavs, established Dubrovnik.


In 1984, the conference was held in "Libertas" hotel in Dubrovnik.

The city of Dubrovnik, cut in stone below the hill of Srdj, washed by the sea and surrounded by colorful mediterranean gardens has always been the symbol of the pure beauty of nature combined with human creativity, love of freedom and sense of modesty. Once a powerful tiny state, the beauty of which has always been the challenge and inspiration of artists as well as destination of numerous native and foreign visitors, a Gothic - Renaissance - Baroque city of Dubrovnik is today one of the most significant Croatian and also European cultural heritage.


"Histria" hotel, Pula
From 1992 - 2001, for 10 successful, memorable years, the conference was held in "Histria" hotel in 3000 years old, festive city of Pula, (Istria).

Welcome to Pula,
the eternally youthful mediterranean town!

Above the cape of Kamenjak Jason and Medea founded the town of Polai - the spring of life, the town of fugitives. Thereafter the Romans constructed it as per their own taste and necessity. Republic of Polensium with Augustus become the divine town, "pleasure of the rich, happiness of the middle class". These are bearing witness:

The Castle
Double Doors
Herculus Doors
Stage Theatre
Augustus Temple
Triumphal Arch
In the town that has existed for three millennia, the old world is connected with the new. A great number of preserved monuments from all epochs had inspired many artists, writers and composers (Dante Alighieri, Thomas Mann, James Joyce, Franz Lehar) as well as many others.

The area of Pula is magnificent, with country stone houses, buildings of modern architecture, quiet hacklberry shade and the view to the culture of mankind. In nowadays during the summer, Pula has twice as much of inhabitants as it has usually. Along the 190 km of beautiful and very abounding natural harbours, in hotels, camps and private accommodation reside more than 50 thousand tourists. With Trieste and Rijeka, Pula, situated at the very south of Istria, forms a triangle of attractive towns. Therefore Pula cannot be avoided.

We are thankful for the beautiful times we had on our Istrian excursions, and for all the hospitality we enjoyed during the 10 Conference years in Pula! Top of page, ITI conference

Latest News
ITI 2005 Conference Ended

ITI 2005 Conference ended on June 23, 2005 with the Closing Session.

Student Paper Competition for undergraduate and graduate students (with prizes sponsored by Microsoft Hrvatska and SAS Institute) was featured for the second time at the ITI Conferen
The winners were:

Golden winners:
- David Bell, Department of Information Systems and Computing, Brunel University, UK , - Frane Šarić, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb

Silver winners:
- Matko Botinčan , Department of Mathematics, University of Zagreb
- Igor Grudenić Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb
- Rikard Land, Mälardalen University, Department of Computer Science and Electronics, Sweden