17th International Conference on
ITI '95

Pula, Croatia, June 13-16, 1995

The 17th International Conference on "Information Technology Interfaces" ITI '95 was attended by 106 participants, including 29 from abroad.

This year Organizing Committee received 95 papers from 20 countries: Argentina, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Chech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA.

All submitted papers have been reviewed by at least two independent referees: 78 reviews were given by 38 referees from abroad, and 104 by 62 Croatian referees. The proceedings contain 89 accepted papers (54 from abroad), written by 178 authors. The choice of referees and the publishing policy was conducted by the International Program Committee.

Traditionally, a wide range of topics was covered indicating the variety of the participants' interests:

The scientific program comprised various activities:

We are grateful to all who have contributed to this Conference. Our special thanks go to the authors of papers and to the referees. The invited speakers give a particular flavour to the Conference. So do the moderators and the participants at the panel discussions. Supporting institutions gave us invaluable help, too. At last, but surely not the least, the strong international component, the enjoyable social events and a scenic environment have always helped to create a memorable atmosphere.

We are looking forward to see you the next year on "Information Technology Interfaces". We believe that the next ITI will bring a growth in quality and abundance of the Conference activities and a further increase in the number of participants. We hope that you, the participants of ITI '95, will help us to achieve these objectives.

June 1995

Damir Kalpic
Vesna Hljuz Dobric

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