Yehuda Vardi prof. & chair Statistics Dept.,
Rutgers University

Statistical Tools and Models with Applications in Inverse Problems and Multivariate Data Analysis.

We'll focus on two main topics:

  1. Some basic models and examples of statistical inverse problems. Such problems appear in a broad range of applications from image analysis to network tomography. Statistical modeling often unifies such seemingly different problems, and suggest methodology for solving them. We'll
    explore maximum likelihood solutions for such problems which are often utilize the EM algorithm.
  2. We'll review the general concept of data-depth, as a tool for ordering multivariate observations, and discuss the recently introduced L1-data-depth. We'll show how to use it in various applications
    such as robust multivariate regression, clustering, and more.

Professor Zoltan Baracskai
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Dpt. of Industrial Management and Business Economics

Doctus Knowledge Modelling Workshop

Prof. Zoltan Baracskai,

Viktor Dorfler

Conference participants have a chance to get a ninety minutes introduction into the use of intelligent knowledge modelling tool Doctus, based on two business case studies. The first will show how rule-based reasoning can support original business decision. The second is how to support routine
business decision, and delegation of the same, using case-based reasoning.Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops as the number of available computers at the conference site is limited. The Doctus software can be downloaded from together with all the documentation.