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ITI 2009 - Cancelation Policy

ITI Conference operates under the following Cancelation Policy.

If we receive your written request for cancelation before or on May 22, 2009, your registration fee (after the deduction of an administrative charge of 40 EUR) will be refunded.

There are no refunds for cancelations received after May 22, 2009.

However, and upon your request, we can transfer your fee to some other person from your institution who can participate at the Conference instead of you.


ITI 2009 closed on Thursday, June 25

147 participants from 30 countries attended ITI this year

ITI Young Scholar/Researcher Student Paper Award went to:

Maria Chtepen, INTEC-IBBT, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium
Katherine Hanton, School of Electrical & Information Engineering,
University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia

ITI 2010 Preliminary Call for Papers