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ITI 2009 - Topics of Interest

Special Topic/Session

"Medical Informatics"
Vice-Chair: Andreas Holzinger

Topics of Interest (in alphabetical order)

Computing in Business and Finance
Vice-Chair: Ivan Futo

Databases, Data Warehousing and Information Systems
Vice-Chair: Nenad Jukic

Data Mining, Statistics and Biometrics
Vice-Chair: Josipa Kern

Human Computer Interaction
Vice-Chair: Jasna Kuljis

ICT in Education
Vice-Chair: Patrick John Halloran

Information Society
Vice-Chair: Diana Šimić

Knowledge Management and Collaboration Systems
Vice-Chair: T. Ramayah

Language Technologies
Vice-Chair: Dunja Mladenić

Modeling, Simulation and Optimization
Vice-Chair: Želimir Kurtanjek

Networking, Grids, Middleware and Distributed Platforms
Vice-Chair: George Nezlek

Theory of Computing and Computing Methodologies
Vice-Chair: Robert Manger


ITI 2009 closed on Thursday, June 25

147 participants from 30 countries attended ITI this year

ITI Young Scholar/Researcher Student Paper Award went to:

Maria Chtepen, INTEC-IBBT, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium
Katherine Hanton, School of Electrical & Information Engineering,
University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia

ITI 2010 Preliminary Call for Papers