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ITI 2007 closed on Thursday, June 28
- 164 participants from 22 countries attended ITI in Cavtat this year.

ITI 2007 Best Student Paper Award Winners are:
Krešimir Zauder, Croatia,
Bojan Blažona, Croatia.
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Presentation Skills Workshop

Your 15 Minutes of Fame: Making the Most of Them


The late Andy Warhol is credited with the notion that everyone gets to be famous for 15 minutes - after which the public’s attention moves on to something else. Research presentations are rather like those 15 minutes, assuming that you can engage your audience in what you are trying to say.

HOW you choose to present your research can have a significant effect on whether or not your research is remembered, and why. In this workshop, participants will consider some of the most common things that separate good presentations from the ones that people tend to walk out on. Student authors who will be presenting their accepted papers are invited and encouraged to submit their final papers and presentation materials in advance (by June 1), for consideration as a final tune up for the conference.

Presentation Skills Workshop offered by:
Dr. George S. Nezlek

Associate Professor, Information Systems
Grand Valley State University
Allendale, MI (USA)