Join us at Cavtat / Dubrovnik for Innovative BI
at ITI 2012 Conference!

BI days: June 25-26, 2012

Special BI Registration fee €240
(includes entrance to conference sessions, program and social events)

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  BI Keynote Speakers
Gezinus J. Hidding Associate Professor in I.S.
School of Business Administration, Loyola University Chicago
Illinois, USA
Clyde W. Holsapple Fellow of the Decision Sciences Institute & Rosenthal Endowed Chair in Management Systems
Gatton College of Business and Economics
University of Kentucky, USA
Joseph S. Valacich Professor of MIS
Department of Management Information Systems
The University of Arizona, USA

Panel Discussion

Title: "Big Data" Management and Analytics

Moderator: Mladen A. Vouk, North Carolina State University, USA

Monday, June 25, 18:30 - 20:00, Orlando Hall.
All participants are invited to contribute to the discussion.


Special Event: "Statistics for Engineers" Workshop

Presenter: Richard D. De Veaux, Williams College, Massachusetts, USA

Title: "Statistics and Data Mining for Computer Scientists, Engineers, Blacksmiths and Lawyers"

Abstract: Workshop will attempt to cover the basic ideas of exploratory and confirmatory statistics in a whirlwind couple of hours. The audience is anyone who wants to know more about statistics and why statisticians worry about the things they do. The topics will be illustrated by examples from real world problems.

Tuesday, June 26, 12:45-13:30 and 15:30-19:00



Hotel "Croatia"
The Conference will take place at the luxurious hotel "Croatia" in Cavtat, (, only 10 minutes (6 km) from Dubrovnik International Airport. The hotel, located on a peninsula surrounded by the crystal clear Adriatic Sea offers a picturesque view of the city of Cavtat.
Check hotel reservation and rates.

Cavtat, ancient Greek Epidaurum, is a small city near Dubrovnik at the southern part of the Adriatic Sea. According to legends and chronicles, refugees from Epidaurum, escaping invasion of Slavs and Avars, established Dubrovnik. During the 15th century Cavtat became a part of the Republic of Dubrovnik. The city boasts remains of various cultures: Rector's Palace, Bogisic's scientific collection, Vlaho Bukovac Art Gallery, Racic Mausoleum designed by the famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic, Sipun cave, etc. Today, Cavtat is a very attractive mixture of old and new architecture, and lush Mediterranean vegetation.

The city of Dubrovnik, cut in stone below the hill of Srdj, washed by the sea and surrounded by colorful Mediterranean gardens has always been the symbol of the pure beauty of nature combined with human creativity, love of freedom and sense of modesty. Once a powerful tiny state, the beauty of which has always been the challenge and inspiration of artists as well as destination of numerous native and foreign visitors, a Gothic - Renaissance - Baroque city of Dubrovnik is today one of the most significant Croatian and also European cultural heritage.