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  • HBMD Croatian Biometric Society
  • SRCE University Computing Centre


Diana Šimić


  • Problems in bio-information analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Space Reduction Methods
  • Prediction and Classification communication
  • Time and Space Modeling
  • Computationally Intensive Methods
  • Other

8th School of Biometrics


Adaptive Designs

Adaptive designs are designs in which probabilities of treatment assignment change over the course of the experiment and/or the stopping time is random. Adaptive designs with binary response will be the topic of this school. Examples from toxicology testing studies and clinical trials will be provided. However, these designs are applicable in other areas such as educational assessment and self-paced learning, material strength tests, psychological stress tests, and many more.

Invited Lecturer

Nancy Flournoy, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA

BIOSTAT Panel discussion

Consumers and Providers of Data Analysis - Coherent and Intelligent Relationship

The present applied research in bioscience in Croatia and CEE lacks a coherent and intelligent relationship between providers and consumers of data analysis. Consumers define their research problem with difficulties, do not follow the steps of the research properly, can not find and select a model for the analysis, and can not follow and make proper interpretation of the model developed by the data analysis providers.
Providers do not speak the language understandable to the consumers, take time to completely understand the problem, and explain the methodology.
The objective of the round table discussion is to exchange the ideas and plan for an informal meeting of data analysis providers and consumers. The purpose of the proposed meeting would be to explore the possibilities and ways of how to achieve a more coherent and intelligent relationship, and make applied research more applicable and publishable.


Prof. Silvije Vuletić, Ph.D., University of Zagreb, Croatia

How to Apply for the BIOSTAT 2003

The ITI Conference participants who wish to join the Meeting or School should register using the ITI Registration Form . Please indicate on the Form your intention to participate in the School of Biometrics, in order to recieve the School handouts at the Conference. For the ITI participants, there is no additional fee for the School. Panel, tutorial and workshop proposals are welcome. Submitted papers or poster abstracts should reach ITI Conference secretariat within ITI deadlines and should follow ITI Instructions to authors. Accepted papers will be presented within the ITI topic: Data Mining, Statistics and Biometrics. The detailed program will be announced later, on the ITI web site at http://iti.srce.hr/

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