2nd International Symposium

Cavtat, Croatia, June 2-4, 1980

This volume contains papers presented at the 2nd International Symposiumn "Computer at the University" in the form in which they were submitted by the authors. Typing, grammatical and other errors were not, except in some isolated cases, edited out of the received material.

Invited speakers came from several countries, covering different topics:

L. E. Allen, USA;
W. Dehennin, Belgium;
A. H. Ismail, USA;
H. F. Kaiser, USA;
B. Soucek, Croatia;
D. Teichroew, USA;
S. Turk, Croatia;

Papers presented by invited speakers are collected in the first chapter of the Proceedings. Ordering corresponds to the alphabetical order of the author.
Contributions were accepted on the basis of the referees' recomendations. Ordering of papers within chapters in the Proceedings corresponds to the expected order of presentations within topics at the symposium.

Editors would like to thank the referees for their work.

M.A. Vouk
B. Aurer

Six years has passed since the first symposium "Computer at the University" was held in 1974 on the occasion of the opening of the University Computing Centre (SRCE). During that time significant results have been recorded in the development of Informatics in individual scientific disciplines and University education, as well as in the organisation of associated labour. Of particular significance is the education at the Universities of the Socialist Republic of Croatia and elsewhere of a number of specialists in this field who now form a solid basis for an even faster development of informatics.

The second symposium "Computer at the University" has once again brought together not only experts from this country but also from abroad which, no doubt, is an indicator of the range and of interest for results achieved over here. For these reasons the Republic Committee for Science, Technology and Information accepted the sponsorship of the Symposium with pleasure, and in the belief that an exchange of experiences and personal contacts among the participants will bring about a more extensive use of scientific achievements and technical expertise in the field of informatics which is becoming a notable factor in the development of the society.

June 1980
Prof. dr. Uros Perusko
President of the Republic Committee for Science, Technology and Informatics, and
Member of the Executive Council of the Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Croatia

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