ITI 2010 Excursion and Conference Dinner

Wednesday, June 23, 15:20 – 24:00

If you plan to join the ITI Excursion and Conference Dinner, please fill in the Excursion and Conference Dinner form (provided with the Conference materials) and make sure to exchange it for the Conference Dinner Menu Card (with coupons) at the Conference Desk not later than
Tuesday, June 22, 9:00 a.m.

Excursion sailing boat departs at 15:30 from Cavtat Harbour. We will return to the hotel by bus around midnight. To board the excursion boat, each participant must have their Excursion and Conference Dinner Ticket in hand.

Additional Conference Dinner Menu Cards are available for sale at the Conference desk.

Please dress casually for the excursion and Conference Dinner.

A sailing boat excursion to the island of Lokrum and the visit to the Old Pharmacy in Dubrovnik is planned for Wednesday afternoon/evening (from 15:20 until around midnight).

After the sailing and the walking tour of Lokrum, a boat will take us to the old city of Dubrovnik, where we’ll visit the Old Pharmacy of the Franciscan Monastery.

Conference dinner will be served at the restaurant Arsenal in Dubrovnik.


Island of Lokrum

Island of Lokrum is a special forestry reserve under UNESCO protection. Legend says that Richard the Lionheart found shelter on Lokrum when returning from the Crusades. The walking paths of Lokrum will take you through the botanical garden with a collection of eucalyptuses and cactuses to the remains of 16th century monastery and 13th century basilica. A small lake on the island called "Dead Sea" is connected to the open sea, and is suitable for children. The star-shaped Fort Royal, built by the French in 1806, offers a magnificent view of Dubrovnik and its surroundings.


Old Pharmacy of the Franciscan Monastery in Dubrovnik

The Old Pharmacy of the Franciscan Monastery was founded in 1317, and is one of Europe’s oldest pharmacies. It is still in function today and offers products made according to age-old recipes. It is located next to the Baroque church at the Franciscan Monastery atrium.

Restaurant Arsenal

Restaurant Arsenal is situated in the historical centre of Dubrovnik, with a view of the sea and the old port with anchored replicas of sailing ships from the rich Dubrovnik history. The restaurant occupies the space of former shipyard, presented by the extraordinary rustic interior filled with details made of oak-wood. Pleasant atmosphere will be completed by live music performance.