ITI 2010 - Topics of Interest


Special Topic/Session


Language Technologies: An Infrastructure for Information Society
Vice-Chair: Dunja Mladenic



Topics of Interest


Networking, Grids, Middleware and Distributed Platforms
Vice-Chair: George S. Nezlek

Business Intelligence, Information Systems and Databases
Vice-Chair: Nenad Jukic

Knowledge Management and Collaboration Systems
Vice-Chair: T. Ramayah

Human Computer Interaction
Vice-Chair: Jasna Kuljis

Technology Enhanced Learning
Vice-Chair: Patrick John Halloran

Information Technology in Business and Government
Vice-Chair: Diana Šimić

Data Mining, Statistics and Biometrics
Vice-Chair: Nancy Flournoy

Modeling, Simulation and Optimization
Vice-Chair: Želimir Kurtanjek

Theory of Computing, Computing Methodologies and Software Engineering
Vice-Chair: Robert Manger