Biostat 2006

13th Meeting of Researchers in Biometrics/Statistics
June 19 - 22, 2006, Cavtat / Dubrovnik, Croatia

HBMD Croatian Biometric Society SRCE - University Computing Centre

Marija Pecina

Problems in bio-information analysis

  • Data Visualization
  • Space Reduction Methods
  • Prediction and Classification
  • Time and Space Modeling
  • Computationally Intensive Methods
  • Other



Analyzing On-line monitoring data from Intensive Care Alarm Systems

Ursula Gather
Department of Statistics, University of Dortmund, Germany

We discuss filtering procedures for robust extraction of a signal from noisy time series as they occur in monitoring of vital parameters in intensive care. Moving averages and running medians are standard approaches to this, but they have shortcomings when large spikes (outliers) respectively trends occur. Modified trimmed means and linear median hybrid filters have been designed to combine advantages of both approaches, but they do not completely overcome the difficulties. Improvements can be achieved by methods of robust regression, which are applicable even in real time because of increased computational power and faster algorithms. Reviewing and extending recent work we present methods for robust online signal extraction and discuss their merits for preserving trends, abrupt shifts and extremes and for the removal of spikes.


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